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Divine Hiddenness

The fifth of Thomas Aquinas' proofs of God's e...

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Professor Matt McCormick writes:

The [theist] cannot have it both ways. He cannot on the one hand argue that “God exists” is the reasonable outcome of a non-question begging, objective analysis of the arguments and evidence, while endorsing justifications of divine hiddenness…He cannot insist that God’s existence is manifest and reasonable while also claiming that God has his reasons for withholding his existence from serious inquiry. God’s existence is either justified by our epistemic situation or it is not. And the very fact that the arguments for his existence are so embattled, weak, complicated, and unconvincing…works against the [theist]. (link)


Why Don’t He Lend a Hand?

Why Don’t He Lend a Hand You say there is a God Above the boundless sky, A wise and wondrous deity Whose strength none can defy. You say that he is seated Upon a throne most grand, Millions of angels at his beck— Why don’t he lend a hand? See how the earth is moaning,

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Mischaracterization and Credibility

I firmly believe in the importance of being exposed to opposing viewpoints and putting the Socratic method to practice. This is one way to counteract complacency and dogmatism in our own personal thinking and consequently in society as a whole. For this reason I still read books and subscribe to blogs that reflect opinions and

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