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Evidence and Indoctrination

Today’s Our Periodic Pasta: “The vast majority of personal religious beliefs can be accurately predicted based solely on the beliefs of one’s parents or the culture one is raised in…Religionists should ask themselves, ‘Are my religious beliefs based on rationality and evidence or indoctrination?”‘    – John Bice Related articles Disambiguating Faith: How Religious Beliefs Become

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Upping One’s Spiritual Carbohydrate Intake

As a faithful member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) I would like to propose an alternative to the popular daily Christian devotional, Our Daily Bread. Pastafarians can learn from their Christian counterparts by feeding their spirits with reflections on the sacred (or in the case of FSM, the profane). As it

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Godless Generosity

Tom Rees of Epiphenom writes a nice summary of the sociological research on the correlation between religiosity and altruism here. The argument that religion leads to greater charity really doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. And Rees doesn’t even mention the myriad of examples of altruism in non-human animals (which presumably have no religious motivations for

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A Rare, Fellow Latino Atheist

Dr. Hector Avalos has an interesting story: from evangelist preacher to atheist professor of biblical studies. Whatever you believe, Avalos’s work presents an opportunity for open and honest discussion over a unique perspective.

Why Don’t He Lend a Hand?

Why Don’t He Lend a Hand You say there is a God Above the boundless sky, A wise and wondrous deity Whose strength none can defy. You say that he is seated Upon a throne most grand, Millions of angels at his beck— Why don’t he lend a hand? See how the earth is moaning,

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The Zen-like Art of Defining Christianity

It’s crazy how much hubbub Glenn Beck’s recent rally continues to cause in the media. It’s no surprise that it sparked political controversy, but who would have thought it would spark a theological debate as well? So, is Glenn Beck a Christian? Is President Obama? This got me thinking that the question “What is a Christian?”

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A Personal Relationship With Jesus, Visualized

Many Christians will contend that the view presented in this video is a distortion of what it really means to have a personal relationship with Jesus. And in doing so they further prove the point. This belief is a mainstay of the faith for many Christians these days. Take this Evangelical Christian website, for example, which states:

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Jesus' First Miracle: The Whole Story

Looking for a funny movie? Look no further than "The Invention of Lying"

Last weekend we watched the movie The Invention of Lying starring Jennifer Garner and Ricky Gervais (co-creator of the well known television show The Office). If you like The Office and Gervais’s brand of humor, this is a must-see. The movie is set in modern-day America in a reality where there is no such thing as lying

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The Morality Monopoly?

I’ve had a number of discussions lately (mostly online) with religious friends as well as strangers about the relationship between religion and morality. A lot of the time the discussion is somewhat philosophical with the debate centering around whether it is possible to be moral without belief in God. The philosophical debate has primarily centered

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