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Evidence and Indoctrination

Today’s Our Periodic Pasta: “The vast majority of personal religious beliefs can be accurately predicted based solely on the beliefs of one’s parents or the culture one is raised in…Religionists should ask themselves, ‘Are my religious beliefs based on rationality and evidence or indoctrination?”‘    – John Bice Related articles Disambiguating Faith: How Religious Beliefs Become

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Kurt Baier on Life’s Purpose

Today’s Our Periodic Pasta: “I suspect that many who reject the scientific outlook…confusedly think that if the scientific world picture is true, then their lives must be futile because…man has no purpose given him from without. These people mistakenly conclude that there can be no purpose in life because there is no purpose of life;

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Sitting Kills

Sitting is Killing You
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8 Health Reasons to Have Sex (As If You Needed Them)

Practice Safe Sex Make Love in a Volvo T-shirt

Image by Gui Rio via Flickr

Before we proceed, let me offer the expected and requisite Primal caveat: I’m talking here about safe sex ideally with a committed partner. What good does it do to blow the overall health benefit by putting yourself at risk for the myriad of sexually transmitted diseases. Likewise, why negate the mental health boost by pursing sex in a relationship/liaison that isn’t emotionally healthy? ‘Nuff said?

Here’s the list, via Mark Sisson over at Mark’s Daily Apple:

1. Improve Your Stress Response – And Your Blood Pressure
2. Cut Your Risk for Cardiac-related Death
3. Upgrade Your Immune Function
4. Get Some Pain Relief
5. (Women) Steady Your Cycle – and Possibly Increase Your Fertility
6. (Men) Reduce Your Risk for Prostate Cancer
7. Look Better (Burn Some Calories)
8. Feed Your Primal Self (General Emotional Well-Being)

The Twinkie Diet!

Twinkie lovers rejoice! Okay, maybe not so fast, but this professor’s recent experiment is more proof positive that the primary factor in nutrition that determines weight loss and even overall health is caloric intake. This isn’t to say there’s no merit in eating as many fruits and vegetables as possible, because more often than not eating

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Note to Dudes: Time to Upgrade Your Dance Moves!

A new scientific study suggests that good dancing may be a sign of male health. Men’s dance moves might give women subconscious information about their general health, age, reproductive potential, and hormone status. How exactly is “good dancing” defined? According to one of the researchers: We thought that people’s arms and legs would be really

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Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction. –E.O. Wilson When Wilson spoke these words intuitively I doubt he knew just how scientifically accurate he was. Wilson is widely accepted as the founder of sociobiology, which he himself defined as “the extension of population biology and evolutionary theory to social

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Takeaways from "The Omnivore's Dilemma"

It took way too long, but I finally finished reading Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma. I now know why Michael Pollan is so well-respected for his work on food and food culture. This was a great read that was altogether educational, entertaining, subversive, and morally relevant. I won’t do the book nearly as much justice

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15 x 32 Results and Monkey Morality

Well, it’s time to come clean. I fell short of my goal to achieve 15% body fat by age 32. My latest measurement based on my electronic scale has me at 20%–just 1% lower than when I started my quest. The main reason for my shortfall? Weekend binges. I have been opening up a Pandora’s

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