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Book Review: “50 Popular Beliefs That People Think Are True”

For Natasha, Jared, and Marissa Always think before you believe With a dedication like that, how could I not give this book a whirl? As a father of two now, the desire to impart the values of free inquiry and critical thinking to our children resonates deeply with me. There is an epidemic shortage of

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Evidence and Indoctrination

Today’s Our Periodic Pasta: “The vast majority of personal religious beliefs can be accurately predicted based solely on the beliefs of one’s parents or the culture one is raised in…Religionists should ask themselves, ‘Are my religious beliefs based on rationality and evidence or indoctrination?”‘    – John Bice Related articles Disambiguating Faith: How Religious Beliefs Become

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Evidence and Existence

In college I took a course called “Foundations of Christian Thought,” which aimed to teach Christian students about non-Christian worldviews and the rational foundations of the Christian faith. The professor built his own system of “tests” for competing worldviews such as pantheism, naturalism, and theism. The three tests were: 1) evidence, 2) logical consistency, and

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