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Paula Kirby on Knowing God

Dogma Church

Knowing what kind of god someone believes in tells us a great deal about that person – but nothing whatsoever about the truth or otherwise of the existence of any god at all. (link)


The Onion: “Skeptic Pitied”

FAYETTEVILLE, AR—Craig Schaffner, 46, a Fayetteville-area computer consultant, has earned the pity of friends and acquaintances for his tragic reluctance to embrace the unverifiable, sources reported Monday. (link)


Atheist Fools

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More than 2,000 years ago, whoever wrote Psalm 14 claimed that atheists were foolish and corrupt, incapable of doing any good. These put-downs have had sticking power. Negative stereotypes of atheists are alive and well. Yet like all stereotypes, they aren’t true — and perhaps they tell us more about those who harbor them than those who are maligned by them. So when the likes of Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Bill O’Reilly and Newt Gingrich engage in the politics of division and destruction by maligning atheists, they do so in disregard of reality.  (link)

The God Debate II: My Two Cents

“Is good from God?” On April 7, Sam Harris, one of the so-called “Four Horsemen” of the New Atheism, faced off against famed evangelical Christian apologist William Lane Craig at Notre Dame University to debate this seemingly simple question. You can watch the debate in its entirety on YouTube, and I highly recommend doing so

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Divine Hiddenness

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Professor Matt McCormick writes:

The [theist] cannot have it both ways. He cannot on the one hand argue that “God exists” is the reasonable outcome of a non-question begging, objective analysis of the arguments and evidence, while endorsing justifications of divine hiddenness…He cannot insist that God’s existence is manifest and reasonable while also claiming that God has his reasons for withholding his existence from serious inquiry. God’s existence is either justified by our epistemic situation or it is not. And the very fact that the arguments for his existence are so embattled, weak, complicated, and unconvincing…works against the [theist]. (link)

Godless Generosity

Tom Rees of Epiphenom writes a nice summary of the sociological research on the correlation between religiosity and altruism here. The argument that religion leads to greater charity really doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. And Rees doesn’t even mention the myriad of examples of altruism in non-human animals (which presumably have no religious motivations for

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A Rare, Fellow Latino Atheist

Dr. Hector Avalos has an interesting story: from evangelist preacher to atheist professor of biblical studies. Whatever you believe, Avalos’s work presents an opportunity for open and honest discussion over a unique perspective.

Quote of the Day

If you want to know about God, you might want to talk to an atheist. Quoted from this Los Angeles Times article that cites a recent Pew study.

Why Don’t He Lend a Hand?

Why Don’t He Lend a Hand You say there is a God Above the boundless sky, A wise and wondrous deity Whose strength none can defy. You say that he is seated Upon a throne most grand, Millions of angels at his beck— Why don’t he lend a hand? See how the earth is moaning,

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The Morality Monopoly?

I’ve had a number of discussions lately (mostly online) with religious friends as well as strangers about the relationship between religion and morality. A lot of the time the discussion is somewhat philosophical with the debate centering around whether it is possible to be moral without belief in God. The philosophical debate has primarily centered

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