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Paula Kirby on Knowing God

Dogma Church

Knowing what kind of god someone believes in tells us a great deal about that person – but nothing whatsoever about the truth or otherwise of the existence of any god at all. (link)


Divine Hiddenness

The fifth of Thomas Aquinas' proofs of God's e...

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Professor Matt McCormick writes:

The [theist] cannot have it both ways. He cannot on the one hand argue that “God exists” is the reasonable outcome of a non-question begging, objective analysis of the arguments and evidence, while endorsing justifications of divine hiddenness…He cannot insist that God’s existence is manifest and reasonable while also claiming that God has his reasons for withholding his existence from serious inquiry. God’s existence is either justified by our epistemic situation or it is not. And the very fact that the arguments for his existence are so embattled, weak, complicated, and unconvincing…works against the [theist]. (link)

Evidence and Existence

In college I took a course called “Foundations of Christian Thought,” which aimed to teach Christian students about non-Christian worldviews and the rational foundations of the Christian faith. The professor built his own system of “tests” for competing worldviews such as pantheism, naturalism, and theism. The three tests were: 1) evidence, 2) logical consistency, and

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