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Book Review: “50 Popular Beliefs That People Think Are True”

For Natasha, Jared, and Marissa Always think before you believe With a dedication like that, how could I not give this book a whirl? As a father of two now, the desire to impart the values of free inquiry and critical thinking to our children resonates deeply with me. There is an epidemic shortage of

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“It’s practically impossible to look at a penguin and feel angry.” – Joe Moore

The Arkansas Effect

100,000 drum fish were found dead along an Arkansas river last Thursday night. Scientists suspect disease is the cause. Then came a mysterious mass killing of 5,000 blackbirds on New Year’s Eve in the same state. Weather and fireworks top the list of possible culprits cited by experts, who expect to know more this week

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Note to Dudes: Time to Upgrade Your Dance Moves!

A new scientific study suggests that good dancing may be a sign of male health. Men’s dance moves might give women subconscious information about their general health, age, reproductive potential, and hormone status. How exactly is “good dancing” defined? According to one of the researchers: We thought that people’s arms and legs would be really

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Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction. –E.O. Wilson When Wilson spoke these words intuitively I doubt he knew just how scientifically accurate he was. Wilson is widely accepted as the founder of sociobiology, which he himself defined as “the extension of population biology and evolutionary theory to social

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Persistence Hunting

Watch this and marvel at our physical and mental stamina as a species. We are built to persist in the harshest conditions of this world. All we have to do is put thought into action and we have a damn good chance of achieving our objectives, whatever they may be. One might argue that persistence

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What Does Your DNA Sound Like?

Until now, I would have thought this was some sort of trick question, but 40 singers with the New London Chamber Choir now have an answer to this seemingly absurd riddle. It’s no secret that I love both science and music–especially the science of life (biology) and the music of the unaccompanied voice (a cappella).

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The Pale Blue Dot

As you can see in this photo, the pale blue dot is earth: the planet we call home. Here’s a great video (via Pharyngula) with further humbling and inspiring thoughts from the famous astronomer/cosmologist Carl Sagan on the implications of our infinitesimal place in the universe:

Double Rainbow: What Does It Mean?!

No doubt many of you have already seen this latest “viral video” spreading across the internet like the common cold. It’s no wonder–it’s freaking hilarious. In case you haven’t already seen it: What many people haven’t seen yet is this brilliant parody featuring the new KFC “Doublicious” sandwich: P.S. In case you’re curious, a double

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