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What Believers and Atheists Can Learn From Each Other

What Believers and Atheists Can Learn From Each Other



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Toddler Taekwondo


Cat Laser Bowling

Be Ashamed–Be Very Ashamed

Based on this map, I’ll take Illinois over Washington state any day. (via)

Taco Meat Filling

Here’s another reason I prefer to make my own tacos at home (out of venison, no less!): Taco Bell is being sued for falsely advertising that their beef tacos are actually made of beef. The class action lawsuit claims that their “beef tacos” are actually filled with “extenders” and other fillers, a small percentage of

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Remembering Percy the Dog (ca. 2002-2011)

  We recently had to make a difficult decision regarding our family pet, Percy: a 60-pound german shorthaired pointer mix that my wife and I adopted from a shelter in southern California in 2004. (He was less than 24 hours from being euthanized.) In late 2008 he moved in with my parents–who are just a

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Case Closed on Arkansas Bird and Fish Deaths

It seems divine plagues have been ruled out as a cause of the recent mass deaths of birds and fish in Arkansas that I blogged about here. The bird incident must have been particularly off-putting for residents, seeing as about 3,000 dead blackbirds littered a 1.5-square-mile residential area. Apparently the neighborhood pets didn’t view it

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“Lion in the Shadows” and Other National Geographic 2010 Photo Contest Winners

    The photo above is probably my favorite of all the winners and honorable mentions in the National Geographic 2010 photography contest. The lighting simply blows me away. Plus, I love lions. (Look at those eyes!) Be sure to check out some of the other contest winners here.

“No Pressure, No Diamonds”

This is a quote commonly attributed to Thomas Carlyle, and I think I like it for my motto for 2011. According to Wikipedia, “most natural diamonds are formed at high-pressure, high-temperature conditions existing at depths of 140 to 190 kilometers (87 to 120 mi) in the Earth mantle.” In other words great rewards often arise

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