Robert A. Baker on Being ‘Pre-prayered’

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Today’s Our Periodic Pasta:
“What happens when the same number of people pray for something as pray against it? How does God decide whose prayer to answer?…This spring when a small Kentucky town won the State High School Girl’s Basketball crown, the town’s newspaper, as well as the largest newspaper in Kentucky, gave credit for the victory to God’s answering their prayers. Why their prayers were answered and the prayers of the losers were not remains unknown. One possibility is that the Hazard team had a better ‘pray-er’-in the form of their principal, who was also a minister. If it turns out that the higher one stands in the religious hierarchy the better the chances that one’s prayers will be heeded, then it certainly behooves every athlete and every athletic team to employ the most religious ‘pray-ers’ possible. Certainly no one should ever enter any contest unpre-prayered!
Robert A. Baker

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