What Does Your DNA Sound Like?

Until now, I would have thought this was some sort of trick question, but 40 singers with the New London Chamber Choir now have an answer to this seemingly absurd riddle. It’s no secret that I love both science and music–especially the science of life (biology) and the music of the unaccompanied voice (a cappella). Who would have thought that the two could somehow be combined to produce a song? Well, composer Michael Zev Gordon and the New London Chamber Choir have done just that. In his brand new composition, entitled Allele, Gordon achieves a 40-part song for unaccompanied choir wherein each singer’s individual DNA code is translated into musical notes, which they each individually sing. How awesome is that?! Read more about it here, and have a listen to the choir practicing the piece here (turn up the volume on your computer; the music starts very quietly).


One comment on “What Does Your DNA Sound Like?

  1. Maria Diaz Schmitt
    July 18, 2010 at 5:02 pm #

    Very interesting and amazing that the Brits are doing this. Brings back memories of when you sang in the Taylor Sounds and how beautiful it was. I don’t quite understand how they are doing it but that’s ok I was never good in science.

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