Looking for a funny movie? Look no further than "The Invention of Lying"

Last weekend we watched the movie The Invention of Lying starring Jennifer Garner and Ricky Gervais (co-creator of the well known television show The Office). If you like The Office and Gervais’s brand of humor, this is a must-see. The movie is set in modern-day America in a reality where there is no such thing as lying or any form of sugar coating. Everybody is literally brutally honest with each other in every facet of human interaction (including advertising–a subtle detail that added some great laughs). One day, Gervais’s character discovers how to lie when he successfully withdraws $500 more than is available in his bank account in order to avoid eviction from his apartment after losing his job. The rest of the movie chronicles how he uses this newfound “ability” and the impact to the people close to him and extending to the whole world.

Below is one of the best scenes in the movie, where the main character delivers basic facts about God and the afterlife to an eagerly awaiting world that has never heard of such things. (Word about his unique knowledge spreads rapidly after he is overheard telling his dying mother that she is going to a happy place to live for eternity.) Gervais’s atheism is implicit throughout the movie, but hopefully religious folk can take the humor with a grain of salt and not view it as a serious affront to their faith. It’s comedy, pure and simple. (As a warning, there are a couple expletives about 6 minutes into the clip, so be mindful of your surroundings when you watch.) Enjoy!


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