New Tunes Vol. 2

What better use of a birthday iTunes gift card than to scope out some new gems for my collection (Thanks Patti!)? First up is the Scottish band Glasvegas. (I must have a penchant for Scottish rock between these guys and Frightened Rabbit!) Their sound is a mixture of oldies surf music with a tinge of anthem rock. And you’ve gotta love that thick Scottish accent. Beam me up!

For a change of pace and tribute to my college years as a die-hard choir boy, I decided to sample the latest and greatest addition to the choral music catalog: James Whitbourn’s Luminosity. Do yourself a favor and spend seven minutes listening to this movement (at least to the five-minute mark, the apex of the movement). It will do great things for your soul.

Last but not least are London rockers, Mumford & Sons. Their album Sigh no More is a thing of beauty: Americana-inspired instrumentation with a story in each song. I can’t tell if I find myself in the Appalachian mountains or a London pub listening to this music. I have to figure out a way to see these guys live. The banjo will make your day. Until next time, here’s to the ongoing quest for the buried treasures. Have you found any musical treasures lately? Do share!


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