The Offense of the Bland Reward Meal

Last Saturday my lovely wife and I decided to dine at a popular restaurant (which shall remain nameless) with our daughter for lunch. I was excited because I worked hard during the week to stick to my paleo diet and looked forward to enjoying a rare meal including some of my favorite “non-paleo” foods like bread (sandwich), beer, and french fries. (I’m trying to stick to the 85/15 rule whereby 85% of my total weekly calories come from paleo foods, leaving some latitude for a few guilty pleasures.) This meal was going to be a savory reward for sticking to my guns all week. Well, it wasn’t meant to be.

The only thing I enjoyed was the beer. My fish sandwich was a disappointment to say the least. It was bland and barren. Even the french fries were utterly tasteless and unsatisfying. Nor could I salvage any flavor enjoyment by sampling my wife’s taco salad, which was a pathetic pile of iceburg with dog-food-like ground beef topping. The shell, typically the treat of a taco salad, was like cardboard. My daughter Emily’s mac and cheese was my last resort. But it wasn’t meant to be. There was nothing even remotely cheesy about this restaurant’s version of the ubiquitous comfort food. All was lost.

The moral of the story for dieters is to choose your reward meals wisely. And restaurants: for goodness’ sake, please don’t fall into flavor complacency on your basic menu items. You just never know if one of your customers is counting on you for a psychological boost when sticking to a long-term diet plan. That plain old sandwich just might be the anticipated gastronomic highlight of their week. Don’t diss the reward meal.


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