Hello Arugula, Goodbye Ugly Betty

I’m a salad guy. I admit it. I love salads. In the beginning, I used to make my salads with iceberg lettuce as the foundation. Later, I discovered that romaine had a slightly better nutritional value (and texture), so iceberg was dethroned. Then came the Spring Mix Era. Finally I happened upon baby spinach and that became my salad leaf of choice. Recently I decided to go rogue and give arugula a try. (That’s what they seem to use predominantly in all the fancy cooking shows, so why not, right?) Well, I can now honestly say I’m hooked. Arugula has a slightly bitter, earthy taste that complements its light, weedy texture beautifully. (Geez, that doesn’t really sound too appetizing, does it?!) But trust me–if you’re in a salad rut, give arugula a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Okay, so on to the sample SAT question of the day: which of the following doesn’t belong?: 24. LOST. The Office. Ugly Betty. All four of these television shows top our family’s DVR “recording priority list.” The first three would be considered conventionally acceptable boob-tube fare for a thirty-something heterosexual male. But Ugly Betty? Not so much. Well, I have to confess that I got sucked in to this show when my wife started watching it a few years ago. We watched the series finale the other night and I was a little verklempt! I didn’t watch every single episode of the show over the past several years, but every time my wife watched and I was “busy doing something else,” I ended up watching it with her. I found it to be somewhat of a guilty pleasure: it was silly and superficial, but man was it funny, and even touching at times. The characters were over-the-top, more like caricatures, really. Caricatures that were all-too-easy to grow to love. I actually think I’ll miss it almost as much as my wife will. So, as I sit her sipping a Simpler Times lager, here’s to you, Betty! (Maybe they’ll come out with a follow-up movie. But I can’t be caught dead in the theater for that one. It’ll have to be a rental!)


2 comments on “Hello Arugula, Goodbye Ugly Betty

  1. Maria Diaz Schmitt
    April 18, 2010 at 6:53 pm #

    Ah! I remember just a few years ago when I served an arugula salad and afte rou tasted it, you gave me that look like “are you nuts?” You even said you were adventurous but could not handle the taste of arugula. Oh well, its nice to see you like it now….

    • Louis
      April 27, 2010 at 9:10 pm #

      It is said that people’s taste buds change. I’ll chalk it up to that!

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